Terms and Conditions

Motoworks Parts reserves the ability to cancel an order at any time due to backorders or incorrect pricing. If Motoworks cancels an order due to these reasons, the customer will be notified immediately and refunded in full for the canceled product(s)

Parts Disclaimer: All Sales are considered final after payments have been received. CUSTOM FABRICATED items are NOT returnable or refundable. NO REFUNDS ON ANY CUSTOM FABRICATED PRODUCT. SPECIAL ORDER items may be returnable with an RGA number and a store credit can be given if approved. Customer pays shipping.

PRODUCT RETURN POLICY: Products will not be accepted for credit without prior consent and Return Goods Authorization number (RGA#) issued. No products may be returned for credit after 30 days from receipt of the products by the customer. A 25% restocking fee will be charged on all returned products, except in the case of an Motoworks Parts error.

SHIPPING POLICY: All damages or defects must be reported to Motoworks Parts within 5 days of the receipt of product by the customer. Any damage accrued on the product during the time of shipping must be resolved with the shipping company and Motoworks Parts MUST be notified within the time frame stated above. All items shipped by Motoworks Parts will be insured. Motoworks Parts is not responsible for any uninsured items that are “drop shipped” by the manufacturer.

BACKORDERED ITEM POLICY: Backordered items are defined by Motoworks Parts as any item that is not available to the customer within 90 days of the payment received. Customers reserve the right to request a substitute item of equal or lesser value, for any backordered item. The remaining balance for any substituted item will be refunded to the customer's account. A full refund will be given for backordered products past 90 days of the payment date except for CUSTOM FABRICATED products unless otherwise stated in writing for an agreed delivery wait period that exceeds 90 days.

Parts Disclaimer: Installation of parts intended for “off-road” use may void the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty coverage. High-Performance parts or motors are guaranteed against manufacturer defects ONLY. Under no circumstances, shall parts or motors be replaced due to breakage or wear and tear. AMotoworks Parts, its dealers or agents shall not be liable in any way, for any damage, loss, injury or other claims resulting from the use or misuse or inability to use any of our products. Buyer or user assumes liability of any kind connected with the use and or application of our products. The fore going is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied. Motoworks Parts' sole responsibility shall be to replace any defective parts at their discretion.

Warranty: Motoworks Parts does not express or imply verbally or orally any additional warranties over or above the manufactures warranties. This includes all items on this invoice. In addition, Motoworks Parts can, at their own discretion, talk or act on a customer's behalf for a warranty claim. This will in no way make Motoworks Parts liable or responsible for the out come of any claim. The manufacture may or may not carry a warranty for these products. Motoworks Parts is not the manufacture. You may contact either the manufacture or Motoworks Parts for warranty information on these products.

Return Policy: If you want to return an item you already have: First E Mail us at info@motoworksparts.com and request a RGA # (do not call for one) Put on the subject line of your E Mail: RGA# Request and your invoice#. Second please state your name product was purchased under, invoice # and reason for wanting the return. If item is approved for return you will receive an RGA# via E Mail along with a shipping address to send it to. WE will not accept any returned merchandise without the RGA#. After we receive the parts we will issue a credit. You cannot send back any installed part, scratched, taken apart or damaged parts. NO exceptions. If a part is wrong for your application we will work with you to come up with a solution.

California Law regarding non-CARB approved parts:

It is illegal to install, sell or offer for sale any aftermarket part that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control system unless the part is exempted or has an Executive Order issued by the California Air Resources Board (also commonly referred to as the "EO" number). Installation of parts which are not CARB approved on a pollution-controlled vehicle in the State of California may result in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) revoking the vehicle registration and certificate of ownership (title), refusing the transfer of registration, and/or the vehicle failing smog inspection. Law enforcement may cite you for the use of an illegal aftermarket part and seize your title and license plate.




By confirming below, you acknowledge that you, your business and all persons employed by the Company understand the above notice regarding CARB-approved products and company policies, and that you and or your Company accepts responsibility for compliance with emission control regulations in the State of California.